January 2018

Innovation for Health

Innovation for Health 2018... more

December 2017

“Innovation for Health” in WTC Rotterdam on February 1, 2018

“Innovation for Health” in WTC Rotterdam on February 1, 2018... more

About us

Innovative technologies - telemedicine, RTLS, NFC

NovioSys is a Dutch start-up company founded in 2015. Our aim is transferring telemedicine and telematic products, developed during more than 20 years in the Czech Republic, into the international environment of science and technology center NovioTechCampus Nijmegen, and then winning our way on the boisterously growing international market.

Long-term cooperation of NovioSys founders with Dutch partners, e.g. NXP Semiconductors, MobiHealth and NovioSense at present and PHILIPS in the past, as well as with leaders of this market like Olympus Optical, EADS and ALCATEL, is a good base for successful implementation of our plans.


  • MAPO Group a.s.MAPO Group a.s.
  • MAPOs s.r.o.MAPOs s.r.o.
  • MAPOi a.s.MAPOi a.s.
  • Immobiliser Central Europe, Ltd.Immobiliser Central Europe, Ltd.
  • Trilobyte Statistical Software, Ltd.Trilobyte Statistical Software, Ltd.